Terms and Conditions

No pet treat is 100% risk free.

While incidents with our pet treats are extremely rare, we do not claim our treats are 100% risk-free. Our bone products are not cooked and have not calcified like a cooked bone has, however just like a raw bone they may still present a small potential choking hazard just like food can to humans. We recommend monitoring your dog when eating our dog treats and understand their eating habits, and choosing treats accordingly.

You agree when purchasing our treats that you do so understanding this minimal risk of feeding them to your dog and do not hold Source-sage Club responsible or accountable for your decision to feed your pet these treats.

Main things to consider:

Bone: Our bone products are dehydrated and not cooked which means they have not calcified like a cooked bone. The calcification makes the bone very hard and brittle which can break into nuggets which can cause blockages. Dehydrated bones tend to crunch up into pieces which might be sharp but in the vast majority the dogs deal this this just fine and its what makes them a great dental aid. Very rarely a bone might be consumed to large and be a choking hazard or cause digestive issues.

Hard Treats: Some treats can be quite hard and should not present any issues for healthy teeth. However, if your dog has weakened teeth, cavities or existing hairline fractures etc, chewing hard treats might aggravate an issue or make it worse. A hairline fracture not yet noticed could cause a chip or a larger fracture for example.

Digestion: Some dogs may struggle to digest certain treats or be slower to digest treats that others. Often today’s commercial diets can be high in carbohydrates and non meat proteins which decrease the acidity and slow digestion. If a dog is struggling to digest a treat, it might bring it back up. Often they will then eat it again! Sometimes it might continue though the digestive tract not fully digested causing blockages and issues going to the toilet. Most often this passes. In these cases we recommend reducing the size of the portions given to your dog so they have less to digest at one time and maybe introduce more meat based proteins to their diet.

All of these things are rare when you consider we sell millions of serves of treats every year, but can and occasionally do happen.

Our Additional refund, replacement, credit and return policy

In addition to your general rights we further guarantee the quality of our products for 12 months from purchase date when kept sealed and out of direct sunlight with an average temperature below 30C – such as your kitchen cupboard for example. All of our products have a 12 month ‘Best Before’ after the purchase date.

You must notify us within 14 days of Shipment date if you have not received your order. After this time we do not guarantee we will be able to trace your order. Refunding or re-sending your order after this time will be at our discretion and will generally depend on the outcome of the couriers investigation and if we can make a successful claim.

You must notify us within 7 days of receiving your order if you believe there is an issue with your order such as a missing or incorrect item.

In the extremely unusual situation that we have made a mistake with your order or there is a quality issue with a product we will fully refund, credit or replace the item(s) at our cost, including all shipping costs*

For refunds or replacements you must provide proof of any issues such as pictures and have the item(s) available for us to have returned at our discretion. If you cannot provide proof of an issue or destroy/throw them away so that we cannot have proof of the issue, or be able to have the item(s) returned at our cost for inspection then no refund or replacement can occur.

Please note many of our products are hard and pointed such as bone and perforations in bags may occur. This will not affect the life of the product and you accept perforations may occur. Refunds are not given for perforations in bags.


Ants love our natural products and while we guarantee they are shipped ant-free, ants can get in when left on a doorstep or at your home. We do not accept returns and refunds due to ants unless it 100% happened in transit. This will require it to be reported immediately after receiving and it was signed for. We cannot support refunds for ants when the package was left at your premises which is when ants generally get in and is beyond our control. Ants are not poisonous and generally they run off once disturbed. You can also snap freeze the bag and then shake them to the bottom and remove. We recommend using an ant spray where you keep your dog treats and also where the postman might leave the treats such as your front door step.

Other bugs such as the flying Hide Beetle love our natural products. They have a great sense of smell and can fly into your home and even given time eat through thin plastic (hence we use 150um bags!) or get through perforations in the bags made by pointed treats. They lay eggs which hatch in a few days and pupae (furry little dark things!) grow and shed skins before completing the cycle to a beetle in as little as 35 days. Its important to always keep your product sealed and ideally not in an open location. Check your products often. Deep freezing product for 48hrs will kill off these beetle and any eggs. We are unable to support hide beetle issues after 30 days from dispatch as if it happened before shipment it would be very noticeable by this time.