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Air Dried New Zealand Beef Weasand (Esophagus)15cm and 30cm (dog dental chew dog treats)

Air Dried New Zealand Beef Weasand (Esophagus)15cm and 30cm (dog dental chew dog treats)

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100% New Zealand Beef Weasand, all natural, single ingredient, human consumption grade slowly air dried in HACCP, Safe Food & FDA accredited facility with absolutely nothing added.


100% New Zealand Beef Esophagus


1.5/5 (Low odour)




15cm - 6 to 8 pcs per 100g pack (suitable for small and med sized dogs)

30cm - 3 to 4 pcs per 100g pack (suitable for med to big sized dogs)


Experience the benefits of Air Dried New Zealand Beef Weasand (Esophagus) dog treats, available in 15cm and 30cm sizes. These chews are loved by all dogs for their naturally occurring glucosamine and chondroitin, promoting joint health. With a gentle, abrasive texture, Beef Weasand helps maintain good dental health and adds variety to your dog's diet.

What is beef Weasand? It's the meat surrounding the esophagus, providing a delicious and nutritious source of protein. Plus, it's a great option for positively reinforcing and training dogs of all sizes. Keep your dog's teeth and body healthy with Beef Weasand.

Not for human consumption. Monitor your pet while feeding natural bones and tendons. If the product gets too small, remove it from the dog. Recommended size is slightly larger than your dog’s mouth. Please provide plenty of fresh drinking water while your dog enjoys this product. This product is intended as a chew, not a food.

Nutritional Analysis 

Fat 18% 

Moisture 8% 

Crude Protein 67% 

Crude Fibre  1%  

While incidents with our pet treats are extremely rare, we do not claim our treats are 100% risk-free. We recommend monitoring your dog when eating our dog treats and understand their eating habits and choosing treats accordingly. Please read our Terms and Conditions for further information.

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