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Fera Pumpkin Plus Fibre Support for Dogs and Cats

Fera Pumpkin Plus Fibre Support for Dogs and Cats

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Humans need fibre, and so do our pets. Our organic Pumpkin for dogs and cats combines some of nature’s best fibre sources into a convenient and easy-to-use powder for your pet. Just put it on their food, or purée, bake or freeze into their next treat to set their tails wagging. And it’s not just about the pumpkin, because we’ve packed this product with other gut-healthy friends such as ginger, an ancient herb widely known for its positive effects on the digestive system. Ginger is also known to help soothe upset stomachs, reduce nausea and improve absorption of key nutrients.

There are two types of fibre, each with its own unique benefits. Soluble fibre—so named because it dissolves in water—helps with blood glucose control and toxin elimination. Insoluble fibre attracts water to the digestive system, improving digestive regularity. Our fibre for dogs and fibre for cats is drawn from both types."

Active Ingredients

Organic Pumpkin and Pumpkin Seed
Organic Gum Arabic (acacia fibre)
Organic Coconut
Organic Flax Seed
Organic Apple Fibre
Organic Inulin (Jerusalem Artichoke)
Organic Ginger Root

8 oz (227g)

Fera Pet Organics Pumpkin Plus is USDA Certified Organic and 100% vegan.

Free of soy, dairy, artificial colours, dyes, and harmful preservatives.

Feed orally by adding the recommended amount to your pet’s food with a teaspoon. This delicious, organic powder can be sprinkled onto their food, or mixed with room temp water into a paste.

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