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Fera USDA Organic Mushroom Blend for Immune Support (60g)

Fera USDA Organic Mushroom Blend for Immune Support (60g)

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Fera Pet Organics uses real mushrooms, organically cultivated and naturally grown, free from heavy metals and agricultural chemicals, certified organic and Kosher.

Our mushroom blend is superior to any other mushroom supplement for dogs and cats and certified to be the highest quality available in the world. We only use organic mushrooms (100% fruiting bodies) with high levels of beta-d-glucan. No mycelium, no grain, no starch.

Why does my pet need mushrooms?

  • Enhances the immune system and immune response

  • Supports brain health

  • Enhances cardiovascular function and normal blood pressure

  • Supports healthy gut and digestion

  • Enhances liver function

  • Supports normal blood sugar levels 

How effective is the Fera Pet Organics mushroom supplement?

The majority of medicinal mushrooms are known for their active polysaccharides called Beta glucans. Beta glucans are found in the cell walls of mushrooms, which can stimulate an increased immune response to more effectively fight off infections. 

Fera Pet Organics only uses mushrooms with high levels of Beta glucans. 

Active ingredients

  1. Organic Cranberry

  2. Organic Lion's Mane

  3. Organic Red Reishi

  4. Organic Shiitake

  5. Organic Cordyceps

  6. Organic Maitake

  7. Organic Turkey Tail

  8. Organic Chaga

  9. Organic Oyster

  10. Organic Poria

  11. Organic Tremella


60g, 120 servings

Gluten-free, no artificial colours, dyes, and harmful preservatives

Feeding directions:

Feed orally by adding the recommended amount to your pet’s food with the included scoop.

The scoop is equivalent to ¼ teaspoon.

A pet that weighs <25lbs, it will last 120 days. For a pet that weighs 26-50 lbs, this will last 60 days. For a pet that weighs 51-75lbs, this will last 40 days. For a pet that weighs >76 lbs, it will last 30 days.


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