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Air Dried Australian Beef / Veal Spare Ribs (dog treats dog dental chew)

Air Dried Australian Beef / Veal Spare Ribs (dog treats dog dental chew)

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100% Australian, all natural, single ingredient, human consumption grade Veal (Beef) Rib Sticks are slowly air dried in HACCP, Safe Food & FDA accredited facility with absolutely nothing added.


100% Australian Veal (Beef) Ribs


1.5/5 (Low odour, smokey smell)




Approx. 15-20cm each. 3-5 pcs per 100g depending on individual sizes


One of our best sellers, made in Australia, using all-natural, Australian beef (veal) spare ribs. These treats are dried, not cooked, meaning the bones are safer and therefore will not shard as a cooked bone will. They are entertaining and the perfect size for small to medium dogs.

These ribs are a softer bone and are beneficial for maintaining your dog’s dental health. By strengthening their teeth, gums, and removing tartar. High in protein and without artificial sweeteners or preservatives, they are a healthy treat for your best friend.

Fantastic quality and 100% Australian Beef and processed in Queensland.

Our products have a best before of 12 months from purchase if kept sealed and stored out of direct sunlight and under 30c on average

Nutritional Analysis

 Fat 13.7%

Moisture 5.8%

Crude Protein 79.9%

Crude Fibre 0.8%

While incidents with our pet treats are extremely rare, we do not claim our treats are 100% risk-free. We recommend monitoring your dog when eating our dog treats and understand their eating habits and choosing treats accordingly. Please read our Terms and Conditions for further information.

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