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Flossy Pork Tendon (dog treats dog dental chew)

Flossy Pork Tendon (dog treats dog dental chew)

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Ingredient: 100% Pork Tendon (no additives or preservatives)

Each tendon varies in size but if tendon is too small, 2 pcs will be given. Average weight for pack of 10 tendons is around 55g

Tendon chews are low fat and high in protein and collagen. They help prevent plaque buildup on your dog's teeth as well. Tendons are high in glucosamine and chondroitin which assist in joint health.

Texture : Hard and chewy. Suitable for dogs of all sizes.  Please ensure that water is always available.

Storage guide

Recommended to transfer to air tight container and store in freezer.

Best consumed within 3 months from produced date.

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