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Ostrich Liver Flakes 80g (super low fat, dog treats)

Ostrich Liver Flakes 80g (super low fat, dog treats)

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80g per pack 

Ostrich Liver Flakes is a high protein, low fat, meaty treat for dogs and cats of all sizes. Mbuni knows the importance of healthy treats, so they designed these easy-to-digest treats that contain no added salt or artificial preservatives, soy, grain, sugar or colourants. It only has 100% natural dried ostrich meat and 100% natural ingredients.

Ostrich Liver Flakes come in a rich flavour and an irresistible texture, making dogs and cats go crazy. It is perfect as a treat or reward and provides the necessary vitamins and minerals your pet needs.

Why is Ostrich Meat so good for dogs and cats? It’s hypoallergenic and low in fat!

Our Pet treats can be traced all the way from the farm to your home, assuring you of the highest quality control all the way through! This Single Source Novel Protein Pet Treat ensure the export of good quality that’s Proudly South African. 

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