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Puzzle Feeder™ Lite / Slow Feeder Dog Bowl for S/M Breeds

Puzzle Feeder™ Lite / Slow Feeder Dog Bowl for S/M Breeds

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Designed with the "Broken Wave" slow feeding structure and three modular parts, Puzzle Feeder™ is built to change.


Puzzle Feeder™ Lite


7.7''×7.7'×2.9'' (19.5×19.5×7.4 cm)


1.2 lbs (540 g)


6 Cups


ABS/TPE with Plant-Based Materials

Included in the box

- Spinning Bone Plate

- Slow Mat Lite

- Feeding Bowl Lite

4 Progressive Feeding Modes

The three modularized parts of Puzzle Feeder™ support four different feeding modes. These progressive feeding modes can be used in different conditions and eating habit training stages.

15x Feeding Time Slowing Down

The unique "Broken Wave" slowing mat and the spinning bone plate on the top can significantly decelerate a dog's eating speed up to 15X than a regular feeding bowl.

28 Days Eating Habits Training

Puzzle Feeder is not only a slow feeder but an eating habit training device which can develop a good eating habit for your dog in 28 days.

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